Sale price300,00€

Forme: Diamant


Balance: Top


Mousse: Hard


A powerful racket for advanced and powerful players who want the best. SilentSpeed ​​technology delivers power to your playing with incredibly low sound. Oxdog's innovative Diamond collection. The perfect combination of new technologies and functional performance that will take you to the next level.

PowerRibs on top of the racket for maximum power and balance. DSH improves playability outside the strike zone. RBS – Racket Balance System allows you to customize the balance of the racket. HES carbon which reacts faster and transfers energy into speed/power and also increases the durability of the racket.

Vibradamp fiber in the middle of the handle to absorb vibrations, four silicone inserts (removable) for additional protection against vibrations and a two-layer construction with a PU top layer for better grip, an embossed surface for maximum grip and perforations for sweat absorption. The Vibradamp reduces stress on your wrist, elbow and shoulder.

The Pro+ is a real weapon of war. It will radically change your game and boost your performance.