Ultimate Match 2023

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Shape : Diamond


Balance: top


Mousse : Soft


The Oxdog Ultimate Match (Diamond) Racquet is the perfect combination of new technology and functional performance that will take you to the next level.
In this case, the poweribs are located at the top of the racket in order to obtain maximum power and balance.
It has two removable stainless steel weights that allow you to customize the racket to your liking.
In this case we have the vibradamp in the middle of the handle, to absorb vibrations when hitting.
Thanks to HES carbon, the shot reacts more quickly and increases the durability of the racket.

  • Weight 355-365 gr

  • Level

  • Diamond Shape (Control)

  • HES Carbon material (3k)

  • Multilayer BlackEva foam

  • Smooth surface