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Forme: Diamant


Mousse: Medium


Balance: Med


The Ultimate Court is the basic racquet at Oxdog. However, this does not make it a racket intended only for beginners! The intermediate player will also find incredible playing comfort thanks to the very wide sweet spot (strike zone) as well as the necessary power thanks to its medium foam and its diamond shape. In addition, the rough surface on the faces of the racket accentuates the effects of the ball. It's just the best value for money you can find to boost your performance.

Ultimate Series racquets feature PowerRibs on the top of the racquet, which optimizes power and balance. The Double Size Hole (DSH) pattern improves playability outside the sweetspot. In addition, the RBS system allows you to customize the balance of the racket thanks to a removable stainless steel weight. The rackets in this collection are equipped with a Vibradamp fiber in the middle of the handle to absorb vibrations. They also feature four removable silicone inserts for additional protection against vibrations. The racket's two-layer construction, including a PU top layer, provides excellent grip, while the embossed surface ensures maximum grip. In addition, the perforations facilitate the absorption of perspiration. The integration of the Vibradamp system significantly reduces tension in the wrist, elbow and shoulder.