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Forme: Rond


Balance: Med


Mousse: Medium




It is the best compromise in the SENSE range. Its control and midrange balance will seduce you very quickly. This racket is aimed at an intermediate audience.

Round-shaped Oxdog models offer the perfect blend of control and power.
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, the well-balanced round shape excels in defensive play. It is probably the fastest round racket in the world.
The PowerRibs in the lower part of the racket, together with the HES carbon, provide more power and speed in the offensive game. The DHS pattern increases balance, spin and playability beyond the sweetspot. Customize racket balance with RBS, while HES-Carbon ensures faster reaction times, energy transfer and increased durability.
The Vibradamp system is made up of three layers, including Vibradamp fiber in the handle to absorb vibrations. Four removable silicone inserts provide additional protection against vibrations. The two-layer construction with a PU top layer provides optimal grip, while the embossed surface maximizes grip. The perforations facilitate sweat absorption and the Vibradamp system reduces strain on the wrist, elbow and of the shoulder.