Hyper Match 2.0

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Hyper Match 2.0

For casual and intermediate players looking for a racket that is easy to play and offers extra power.

A new generation of padel rackets with modified shapes and innovative technology. These rackets are designed to minimize air resistance using side port technology, ensuring optimal performance. The PowerRibsTM on the sides and the new extra strength rib system on the top provide excellent balance and great power. Our unique collection features teardrop shaped padel rackets that are well balanced for both defensive and offensive games. PowerRibs on the sides and top increase playing surface and power.

The DSH (Double Size Holes) pattern improves balance, spin and playability outside the sweetspot. With the RBS system, you can customize the balance of the racket according to your preferences. HES-Carbon technology responds quickly, transferring energy into speed, power and durability.

To ensure a comfortable playing experience, the rackets are equipped with a Vibradamp fiber in the handle to absorb vibrations. Additionally, removable silicone inserts provide additional protection against vibrations. The two-layer construction with a PU top layer ensures excellent grip, while the embossed surface maximizes grip. The perforations facilitate the absorption of sweat, while the Vibradamp system reduces stress on the wrist, elbow and shoulder.